Covid-19: All Ouigo Trains are Suspended Until Further Notice

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The circulation of Ouigo trains is suspended, this Friday, March 27, 2020 and until further notice, due to the health crisis of the Coronavirus Covid-19

Ouigo announces that the circulation of all its trains is suspended from this Friday 27th March 2020 and until further notice, due to the health crisis of the coronavirus.

The Ouigo transport service announces the suspension of the circulation of its trains, this Friday 27th March 2020 and until further notice. A decision related to the evolution of the epidemic of the coronavirus Covid-19 in France, which counted Thursday 26th March, 29,155 confirmed cases and 1,696 deaths.

All affected trains

In an email sent to its subscribers very early this Friday, Ouigo specifies that all journeys are concerned.

“TGV INOUI trains will continue to run over the period in order to provide essential travel for travellers with legitimate reasons to travel,” said the company.

Refund or cancellation

For those who already had a booked trip, Ouigo announces:

  • If you had a trip planned before April 12, 2020 inclusive, you will be reimbursed automatically by re-credit on the bank card used to purchase the ticket;
  • If you had a trip planned between 12 and 30 April 2020 inclusive, you can cancel your ticket and request a refund on the official Ouigo website, in the “refund” section .

“As soon as traffic resumes, we will keep you informed by email and via the OUIGO social networks,” says Ouigo.

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