Coronavirus: Waze No Longer Enables Reporting Police Controls During Confinement

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Waze no longer allows the reporting of police during coronavirus confinement

APP: In this period of the coronavirus health crisis, and the confinement regulations, the function to signal the presence of the police was controversial

The police have been watching for a week already to enforce the containment measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. But some users of the Waze geolocation application reported last week the checkpoints for travel certificates, allowing others to escape. It is no longer possible since this weekend.

Waze has indeed reacted. “The function of reporting the presence of law enforcement has been completely removed,” an application spokesperson told LCI.

Waze does prevention

The app bought by Google in 2019 has been receiving a lot of criticism in recent days. In this period of the coronavirus health crisis, the function of signalling the presence of the police was controversial.

The application now plays the prevention game by informing about the containment rules. As soon as the application is opened, an alert message appears via a pop-up window. “Only drive when absolutely necessary. In this case, take your derogatory travel certificate ”, we can read.

Tougher sanctions

Sanctions in the context of containment have just been reinforced. Those who do not comply with the measures are still liable to fines of 135 euros but these can reach 1,500 euros in the event of a repeat offence within 15 days.

In the case of “four violations within thirty days”, the penalty can even be increased to “3,700 euros fine and up to six months in prison”.

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