Coronavirus: Singer Christophe HospitaliSed in Paris in Intensive care for Five Days

The 74-year-old singer Christophe was hospitalized on Thursday March 26, 2020 in Paris, in intensive care.

The singer Christophe, 74 years old, was hospitalised Thursday 26th March 2020 in a Paris hospital, in intensive care. He has tested positive for coronavirus covid-19

He has been hospitalized since Thursday 26th March 2020 in a Paris hospital, we learned Sunday 29th March: the singer Christophe was taken care of in an intensive care unit of the AP-HP. He would have tested positive for the  coronavirus.

Hospitalized after “respiratory failure”

The singer, according to  Le Parisien, has been tested positive for coronavirus and suffers from “respiratory failure”. This distress is one of the most serious consequences of Coronavirus Covid-19. He is hospitalized in intensive care.

However, his wife, Véronique Bevilacqua, told the Parisian Sunday evening that he did not have confirmation of a positive test for the virus, the communication is blocked because of too many calls from journalists. This insufficiency would be at the origin “in connection with its emphysema”, a disease of the lungs, she explained.

The state of health of the 74-year-old singer, author of the Mots bleus, had deteriorated rapidly since Thursday. Its turner, Laurent Castanié, indicated that the 74-year-old singer was “in a stable state”. “But not reassuring,” noted his wife.

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