Coronavirus: Shops, Services, what is Closed and what Remains Open

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What shops remain open while the coronavirus is in France

To cope with the coronavirus epidemic that rages in France and around the world, the government has closed some businesses. Here is a list of what is closed or remains open.

France at a standstill. Since midnight on Saturday 14th March 2020, all establishments open to the public have been closed due to coronavirus, responsible for 5,423 contaminations and 127 deaths , according to the last official report released after the first round of municipal elections.

All places open to the public, “not essential to the life of the country”, such as “bars, cafes, restaurants, places of worship, cinemas, nightclubs” lower the curtain until at least April 15th, according to the decree published in Official newspaper.

Food stores, pharmacies, tobacconists, banks and service stations can remain open, as can public transport. And “given their contribution to the life of the Nation, public services will remain open,” said the government.

Despite the warnings, many French people went out on Sunday, despite the instructions for social distancing .

The (non-exhaustive) list of what is closed

  • Schools and nurseries, training centres
  • Restaurants and bars

All restaurants are affected. They do not have the authorization to receive customers, but on the other hand, have the possibility of making deliveries or offering takeaway meals. The fast-food outlets, such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Quick, are also open while their dining rooms are closed.

Platforms like Ubereats or Deliveroo maintain deliveries.

Bars and bars are closed, as are discos.

  • Businesses

All sales stores and businesses are affected by the closure measure, except food businesses. In a hypermarket with shopping mall, only the supermarket can, therefore, remain open, the shops are closed.

Hairdressing and beauty salons are closed.

  • Driving schools

Code and driver’s license tests are cancelled and postponed until further notice.

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  • Movie theatres, museums, libraries…

In order to avoid any risk of contagion, the following places are closed: hearing rooms, conferences, meetings, shows, concerts, games, exhibitions or for multiple uses, libraries, documentation centres, museums.

Cinemas are also closed.

  • Covered sports establishments

Public sports halls (municipal for example) or private (fitness or gym type) are closed

  • Ski resorts

All of France’s ski areas closed their doors and their slopes this Sunday.

  • Courts

The courts are closed, “except for essential litigation,” announced Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet.

The list of what remains open

Again this list is not exhaustive and we will complete it throughout the day.

  • Places of worship

The places of worship remain open, but certain ceremonies are postponed: weddings, baptisms.

  • The banks
  • Tobacco shops

Tobacco bars are subject to a specific measure. The bar part is closed but the sale of cigarettes is maintained.

  • Hotels

The hotels remain open, even if on a case-by-case basis, some have decided to close their doors. With regard to hotel restaurants and bars, with the exception of “room service”, they are “regarded as belonging to the category restaurants and bars”, and must, therefore, close the catering section.

  • Food stores
  • Health establishments

Hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies remain open. The latter have been authorized to practice the renewal of expired prescriptions.

  • Veterinarians

Veterinarians can continue to practice.

For animals, pet stores and animal feed stores remain open.

  • Service stations
  • The garage owners
  • Public transport

Public transport networks work but may be subject to development. It is advisable to check before planning a trip.

In Paris, metro and RER traffic is disrupted this Monday, March 16.

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