Coronavirus: Seven Dead, 423 Positive Cases… Update on the Situation in France

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France recorded on Thursday March 5, 2020 a seventh death linked to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus caused, Thursday 5th March 2020, three new victims, announced the director general of Health, Jérôme Salomon, and contaminated 138 additional people.

The balance sheet increases from hour to hour in France. The Director-General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, reported on Thursday, March 5, 2020, 423 people infected with the coronavirus, ie 138 more than the day before.

Three people have died, bringing the total toll to seven deaths – six men and a woman over the age of 80 on average – since the start of the epidemic. 

France still at stage 2

One of them, a 73-year-old man, was from Oise – one of the centres of the epidemic – and the second, 63-year-old, from Aisne . At this time, no information has been given on the third victim.

Among those infected, 23 are in serious condition and have been placed “in intensive care,” said the Director-General of Health in his daily press release, and 212 are “attached to a grouping of grouped cases”.

In total, ”  15 regions are affected, including 13 metropolitans “, he continued. Among the most affected, are Hauts-de-France (with 105 cases recorded in the Oise), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (49 cases in Haute-Savoie), Grand-Est which has several dozen cases , and Brittany (the cluster located in Morbihan, with 20 cases identified ).

Phase 3 of the epidemic has not yet been launched.

And abroad?

In total, this Thursday evening, 83 countries are affected by the coronavirus epidemic, which killed 3,346 people, including 300 outside of China.

First cases in the Center-Loire Valley

The Regional Health Agency (ARS)  said that two cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the evening of Tuesday in the Center-Val de Loire region.

People, whose clinical condition shows no sign of severity, are currently managed by healthcare professionals. The first, a 73-year-old woman, is hospitalized at the CHU de Tours. The second case identified is in his forties, returning from a stay in Milan, Italy, and was taken care of at the CHR of Orleans. ”

“All health professionals (more than 150 health establishments and liberal professionals) are mobilized to limit the spread of the virus on French territory,” said the Minister of Health.

Government crisis meeting

Emmanuel Macron met this afternoon with around thirty doctors and scientists at the Palais de l’Elysées to take stock of the situation.

“We are gathered first to try to stop the arrival, then to slow down,” explained the President of the Republic when opening the meeting.

“A moment ago, we all know this and you know it infinitely better than I do, to manage an epidemic which is inexorable anyway.”

Eight members of the government, including the Ministries of Health, the Interior and Education, for their part received associations of elected officials from the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion.

The municipal elections “will take place”, according to the Interior

With the approach of the municipal elections, which take place on March 15th and 22nd, some wondered whether or not to postpone the polls faced with the spread of the disease. This Thursday, the government decided.

“It is not up to the mayors to cancel the polls. The current situation allows me to affirm that the elections will take place on March 15 and 22, “said Christophe Castaner, the Minister of the Interior.

François Baroin, President of the Association of the Mayors of France, welcomed the maintenance of the municipal ones. “Democracy is priceless”,  has he reacted.

The first case at RATP

The Autonomous Paris Transport Authority (RATP) confirmed this Thursday the contamination of one of its agents. Working on line 6, which links the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Nation, the infected person was in contact with the public.

His condition is improving, reassures RATP, adding that the network would not be impacted.

The Paris marathon postponed for several months

After the half-marathon, it was the turn of the Paris marathon, originally scheduled for April 5, 2020, which was postponed due to the coronavirus.

If the exact date of the postponement has not yet been announced, the event may not take place before the fall. This year, nearly 65,000 participants were expected.

The shaken 6 Nations Tournament

After the Ireland-Italy match, initially scheduled for this Saturday 7th March in Dublin, the prestigious rugby competition resolved to postpone the three meetings (men, women and U20) between Italy and England which were to take place this weekend .

“Six Nations takes note of the decree published by the Italian government on March 4 concerning all upcoming sporting events in Italy? “, Explains this Thursday the organization of the Tournament in a press release , adding that it” will continue to follow the evolution of the situation with its federations, their governments and respective health authorities. 

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