Coronavirus in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: 65 New Confirmed Cases and Five New Deaths

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Paris, March 21, 2020. A man walks past a banner thanking professions mobilized on the ground in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic

PANDEMIC: This Monday, five people died, bringing the number of deaths in Nouvelle-Aquitaine to 13 since the start of the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic

The Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic continues to progress in Nouvelle-Aquitaine with 65 new confirmed cases. These new cases bring the total of those confirmed to 656. According to the latest assessment from the Regional Health Agency (ARS), 149 people are hospitalized, including 41 in intensive care. Five new people also died from coronavirus, bringing the number of deaths in the region to 13 since the start of the epidemic.

While the region passed on Saturday among the seven most affected in France, Fabienne Buccio, the prefect of New Aquitaine, was reassuring, this Monday during a press conference: “We have nearly a hundred cases per day. This does not specifically increase, there is no excess mortality observed compared to the same period in previous years. The Prefecture also said that the alert and emergency plan had been triggered, which allows, as during the great heatwave, to keep a register of fragile and isolated people.

For its part, the ARS clarified that more than 2,800 general practitioners are today mobilized in the region to relieve the Samu-Centers 15. All have agreed to take care of patients with mild symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 which ‘have no attending physician or when their attending physician cannot receive them (because sick or already saturated).

The actual number of people with Covid-19 is higher

When patients call 15, the medical regulation assistant checks that they have no serious symptoms and that they can be taken care of in town. If this is the case, he transfers the call to the health insurance call centre, which will give the contact details of a doctor registered in the system, closest to their home. If he can, the doctor will offer a teleconsultation or welcome the patient in a dedicated window or without an appointment.

Note that the site allows all those who think they are contaminated with Covid-19 to make an anonymous and free assessment on the basis of a questionnaire ranging from the description of symptoms to medical history, including age. At the end of the evaluation, this platform, referenced by the Ministry of Health, advises the person either to remain simply confined to their home or to consult their doctor or immediately call 15, when it is considered necessary.

In its press release, the ARS recalls that the figures are given above “do not include all the untested Covid-19 people identified by city medicine”. The actual number of people with Covid-19 is higher. So, as we have already told you, stay at home.

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