Coronavirus: A Million Masks Arrive in the Pays de la Loire

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Coronavirus: a million masks arrive in the Pays de la Loire

The Pays de la Loire region is receiving 909,900 surgical masks and 58,000 FFP2 masks to combat the spread of coronavirus

They finally arrive. The Pays de la Loire Regional Health Agency confirmed Thursday 19th March 2020 the delivery of new masks to health establishments, pharmacies and doctors, as well as fragile people, as the epidemic of coronavirus arrives in the region.

58,000 FFP2 masks

The allocation for the region is 909,900 surgical masks and 58,000 FFP2 type masks, for a total of more than one million masks. Deliveries have started and will continue in the coming weeks.

18 masks per week

The five hospital groups in the territory, one in each department, received their prizes this Thursday afternoon.

After the hospitals, the medical-social establishments and the city medicine must also be equipped in the coming days. For example, a liberal nurse will receive 18 masks for a week, “or three masks per day to be changed every four hours over six days,” calculated Dr Thierry Le Guen, head of health monitoring and exceptional health situations at the ARS.

“The chain is starting again in production and delivery”, greeted with relief the general manager, Jean-Jacques Coiplet.

23 people in intensive care

This Thursday afternoon, the region has 23 people in intensive care, tested positive or suspected of having contracted Covid-19. 200 resuscitation beds are available today, “there will be 400 in total by Sunday,” says Thierry Le Guen.

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