Coronavirus: La Poste Will No Longer Deliver Mail Every Day

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From Monday March 23, 2020, La Poste will limit its services and focus on its "essential" activities. A reorganization that has an impact on the delivery of mail.

As of Monday 23rd March 2020, La Poste is limiting its services and concentrating on its “essential” activities. A reorganization that has an impact on the delivery of mail.

It’s official: La Poste is reducing its servicesSince the beginning of last week, the La Poste group has been faced with an internal staff management crisis due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic.

Monday 23rd March 2020, La Poste announced that it was taking measures to refocus on “its essential missions”. Measures that will have an impact on the delivery of mail and packages.

More mail every day

The first measure concerns the working time of mail and parcel agents, which is gradually being reduced. These agents will only work four days a week this week, then three days a week starting Monday 30th March 2020.

A new organization of working time which will “have no impact on the remuneration” of staff, specifies La Poste and which should make it possible to “maintain the organization of the tours”. However, these will be reduced and mail will no longer be delivered at the rate of six days a week. 

In parallel, staggered service outlets will be set up “to reduce the number of people present simultaneously”. The maximum tonnage is established at 50% of the usual workforce.

Only 10% of offices open

As for post offices, the service maintains the opening of only 1,600 offices at the group’s 17,000 points of contact, or only 10% opening. “La Poste has chosen to focus its activity on a target of 1,600 sites to minimize the exposure of agents. The organization of each office is adapted locally with, for example, team rotation systems every other day, ”she explains.

As a priority, only four services will be open : cash withdrawal at the counter and ATMs, depositing cash on ATMs, depositing checks on ATMs and ballot boxes and remitting funds ordered by the DGFIP.

The other services will only be open “when possible, office by office”. “Office trips should only be made if strictly necessary. Many operations can be done remotely, customers can be accompanied by phone or via the digital sites and applications of La Poste and La Banque Postale, ”La Poste recalls.

Limit orders and shipments

To cope with this new organization, La Poste invites its customers to postpone their orders and shipments. “La Poste asks its customers to focus their orders and shipments on what is strictly necessary for them. Communication to this effect will be made today to customers and e-merchants, ”she explains.

It intends to organize its action in priority on the services which maintain the social bond such as the carrying of meals and medicines or even the operation “Watch over my parents” which offers regular visits to the elderly. 

New measures, which are likely to evolve depending on the health context.

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