Coronavirus and Confinement: Download the New Displacement Certificate

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New certificates for exit of coronavirus confinement

The government has released a new certificate for being outside during the coronavirus confinement. We must now indicate the time of leaving home.

The government implemented this Wednesday 25th March 2020 a new certificate of displacement as part of the containment linked to the coronavirus epidemic which has already killed 1,100 people in France, according to the latest official report.

What is changing?

From today, if you have to leave your home, you will have to specify the time at which you leave your accommodation .

This new certificate indeed has an additional line at the end of the form. You must therefore date and sign but also enter the exact time of your outing.

To download it, visit the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

Why this change?

The government, by the voice of Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister, recalled Monday 23rd March that, during the period of confinement, the displacements of the population had to be limited to the strict minimum and had to meet well-defined criteria :

  • To get from his home to his place of work if it is not possible to telecommute.
  • To make essential purchases in local stores authorized by the government.
  • To go to a health professional, only for an emergency health reason, therefore with the exception of consultations and care that can be provided remotely.
  • To exercise, alone, within a radius of one kilometre around your home, at most for one hour, and only once a day.
  • To help vulnerable people, organize for childcare or for “any compelling family reason”.
  • To honour a presentation to the national police or gendarmerie services or a summons from an administrative court or the judicial authority.

In the event of non-compliance with confinement, the 135 euros lump sum fine must increase to 1500 euros in the event of a recurrence “within 15 days”, and “four violations within thirty days” may be worth up to “3700 euros d ‘fine and six months in prison’.

No electronic version

As a reminder, the certificate must be presented in paper format, no electronic version is accepted by the police.

Either print the document or copy it by hand on loose paper.

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