Coronavirus: The Beaches of Saint-Brevin are Closed

Local News
All beaches in Saint-Brevin are now closed to the public.

While the fines for non-compliance with confinement without valid reason increase to € 135 and € 375, the town of Saint-Brevin closes its beaches due to an “abnormal” crowd.

The cities of La Baule, Pornichet and Pornic announced the closure of their beaches on Wednesday 18th March. The measure will come into force Thursday, March 19, in Saint-Brevin. Access to the beaches, the coastal path and the edges of the Loire will be prohibited, in order to fight against the epidemic of Coronavirus.

In question, the presence of too many people noted, by the municipal police, Wednesday 18th March, on the beaches of Saint-Brevin.

In their role of prevention and mediation, the municipal police ensure compliance with the measures taken on the ground and any offence will be penalized, recalls the municipality of Saint-Brevin.

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