Coronavirus: “Between 5 and 8% of Students” Cannot Follow Courses Remotely, According to Jean-Michel Blanquer

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"Between 5 and 8% of Students" Cannot Follow Courses Remotely, According to Jean-Michel Blanquer

EDUCATION: Jean-Michel Blanquer also announced the establishment of a free distance learning support system during the Easter holidays

Two weeks after closing schools to fight coronavirus, “between 5 and 8% of students” were “lost” by their teachers, who can not reach them to ensure the desired “educational continuity”, estimated Jean- Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, this Tuesday on Cnews.

“There is a great risk” that the current situation “widens the inequalities”, recognized the Minister of National Education, between families who have the possibility of teaching at home and those who cannot. To remedy this, he detailed several devices which should make it possible to “pick up students”.

An agreement with La Poste

“It is estimated that it is between 5 and 8% of students, according to our first assessments, that we have somehow lost for two weeks.” An agreement has notably been signed with La Poste, which “will allow each teacher to send a printed document from a computer to a student who does not have digital equipment or has failed to join otherwise, “he said. In addition, tablets can be distributed by local authorities or associations to families who do not have computer equipment, said the minister.

“I asked the school heads that the families be contacted, one or more times a week” on the phone, he also stressed. Finally, he plans to develop, “when we come out of this crisis, this summer, educational summer camps” and “free tutoring modules, certainly at least for the last week of August”. In the meantime, he also mentioned a free distance school support system during the Easter holidays, which begin next weekend for the first zone.

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