Coronavirus: 191 Cases Detected in Finistère, this Friday 27th March, 20 More than the Day Before

Local News
20 more coronavirus cases confirmed in Finistère

191 people living in Finistère were affected by the coronavirus, according to a census carried out Friday evening March 27th, 2020, by the Regional Health Agency. The day before, there were 171, twenty more cases in one day. Finistère is the 2nd most-affected department in Brittany.

Twenty more cases in one day. This is the progression of the coronavirus in Finistère, this Friday 27th March 2020, according to the census made by the Regional Health Agency. There were 171, Thursday 26th March. There are therefore 191, this Friday,27th March.

The number of patients identified stands at 797 for Brittany, to which are added 67 people who have been tested in one of the hospitals in the region, but whose departments of residence are not yet known.

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