Coronavirus: 127 Dead and 5,423 People Infected, Update on the Situation in France

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127 dead and 5,423 people infected with coronavirus in France

This Sunday 15th March 2020, the government reports 36 new deaths and more than 900 additional contaminations linked to coronavirus covid-19.

The coronavirus balance sheet has further increased in France. This Sunday, March 15, 2020, as the country moved for the municipal elections, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced 36 new deaths and more than 900 additional infected people, for a total of 127 deaths and 5,423 cases.

“Severe forms are reported in elderly or frail people but also in adults without previous pathologies,” said the Ministry of Health.

“The virus is invisible, circulates quickly and threatens people’s lives. I beg the French who watch us to respect the measures of social restrictions. “

Asked about the holding of the second round of municipal elections, the minister said that the experts will be “probed probably on Tuesday”.

All establishments open to the public closed

Stage 3 (of 3) of the epidemic has been triggered. It corresponds to an “active circulation of the virus” and aims to combat its spread. It therefore requires “full mobilization of the health system in all its components”, namely independent doctors (including reservists), hospitals (in which the white plan has been active since March 6), clinics and medico-social establishments .

The government has also closed until April 15th all establishments receiving the public “not essential to the life of the country”, such as “bars, cafes, restaurants, places of worship, cinemas, nightclubs”. Food stores, pharmacies, tobacco shops, banks and service stations will remain open to the public, as will public transport.

This measure is in addition to the closure of all schools and universities from Monday 16th March: 13 million students – schoolchildren, middle school students, high school students and students – will, therefore, be confined to their homes. The government has put in place a plan to ensure educational continuity.

“No shortage”

The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire for his part assured that there would be “no shortage” while asking the French not to multiply precautionary purchases: “security of supply of food products” will be “guaranteed in the days and weeks to come” and there will be “no rationing”.

For businesses, the minister also announced a relaxation of the “rules for recruitment, night work, overtime”. When they can, employees are called upon to telecommute. If they cannot, parents of children under the age of 16 are entitled to sick leave. In the case of partial unemployment, it will be paid for by the State at 100%.

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