Swedish Group ABBA to Release New Songs in September 2020

The ABBA group was reformed in 2018, almost forty years after their separation.

Benny Andersson, one of the members of the legendary ABBA quartet, who reformed in 2018, announced in an interview the release of unreleased tracks “after summer” 2020.

Mamma miahere I go againABBA, the legendary Swedish pop group is back! Reformed in 2018 after forty years of separation, the quartet is currently working on new pieces.

The latter should be revealed to the general public by September 2020, announced one of its members, Benny Andersson, in an interview relayed on the Twitter account ABBA Talk.

No “promise”

Already in 2018, the group, composed of Agnetha FältskogAnni-Frid LyngstadBenny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus [the first letter of each first name forming “ABBA”, editor’s note], had announced the release of new songs in the course of the year. Two titles were recorded: I still have faith in you and Don’t shut me down, without ever being broadcast.

Would this be the right year? This is what the 73-year-old composer cautiously suggested:

“They arrive this year, after this summer I imagine, but nothing is sure … If it was up to me, I would say September. This is what we would like in any case.”

A hologram tour?

To mark its return, the group planned in 2018 to start a tour in holograms [a process that highlights images, and makes them mobile, editor’s note.].

At the time, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus told our colleagues at Paris Match :

“You will find it hard to believe that we are not here. The technology is so developed, so efficient: it’s fantastic, weird and magical at the same time.”

The project, which had finally fallen behind, could not materialize. But in 2019, Björn Ulvaeus had announced to the Danish newspaper Ekstra bladet that the group “was still working on ABBA avatars”. 

The sign, perhaps, of a 100% digital comeback in 2020?

Watch the Gimme clip again Gimme! Gimme! ABBA:

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