In Laval, the Faral Company Taken Over

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The buyers will benefit from an efficient industrial tool.

The engine and gearbox reconstruction business in Laval will have a fresh start.

Wednesday 25th February, the Commercial Court of Laval validated the takeover file presented by an employee, Hubert Pothier and an outside investor, Sébastien Le Rendu who comes from the industrial world.

50 employees taken over

For former CEO Eric Hunaut it is a relief. “This project will keep 50 of the 61 employees, keep the two Laval sites of Faral and offer new development prospects. “

Hubert Pothier was previously Faral’s operational director. It was he who led the transformation of the workshop to meet PSA’s requests.

It was the car manufacturer that caused Faral’s difficulties. The company had invested heavily in a new industrial tool, but PSA broke the partnership.

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