Coronavirus: A Second Death Recorded in Italy

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A second death from the coronavirus in Italy

WHO calls for mobilisation against the coronavirus disease that has already affected 77,000 people worldwide.

Italy recorded a second death from the coronavirus on Saturday 22nd February 2020It is the second European victim at a time when the number of infections is surging outside of China, the WHO calling for mobilization against a disease that has already affected 77,000 people worldwide.

The second European victim, an Italian, had been hospitalised for ten days in Lombardy (north), the region around Milan, said Italian news agencies, which did not specify the age of the victim.

A first death in Italy, that of a retired mason of 78 years, had been announced overnight.

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Thirty contaminations in Italy

Thirty cases of infection have been listed so far on Italian soil, including more than 25 in Lombardy where more than a dozen cities have been placed in semi-containment since Friday.

The first person to die in Europe after being infected with Covid-19, which appeared in December in Wuhan (central China), was a Chinese tourist from Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital. The 80-year-old man died in Paris on February 14th.

Outside mainland China (without Hong Kong and Macao), more than 1,300 contaminations have so far been identified – notably in South Korea and Japan.

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