Coronavirus: The Return of Heat in April will make the Virus Disappear, according to Donald Trump

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Coronavirus: The return of heat in April will make the virus disappear, according to Donald Trump

HEALTH: “Heat, in general, kills this kind of virus,” said the President.

The coronavirus epidemic will probably disappear in April with the return of high temperatures. In any case, what  Donald Trump said on Monday. “Heat, in general, kills this kind of virus,” said the President from the White House. It would be a good thing. ”

The trajectory of the epidemic could indeed be changed by the arrival of spring and summer. But measures to contain the virus will be decisive. At this point, the coronavirus is still progressing, and health officials are wary of saying that the “peak”, that is, when the number of transmissions will start to drop, is in sight.

Beijing “does a good job” according to Trump

“We don’t know” when the epidemic will start to wane, the director of the United States Institute of Infectious Diseases, a member of the presidential coronavirus task force , said on Friday . “Any kind of prediction would be unwelcome because there are still a lot of unknowns. ”

The key factor will be the degree of transmission outside China  and the ability of other countries to contain the epidemic. Donald Trump took the opportunity on Monday to congratulate Beijing’s attitude to the epidemic, which has already killed more than 900 people . “I think they are doing a good job,” he said. I had a long exchange with President Xi, […] he is very confident. 

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