Indochine is Preparing an Anniversary Tour for the Group’s 40th Anniversary

Indochine is preparing an anniversary tour for the group's 40th anniversary

MUSIC: Indochine gave “dates in 2020 and 2021” to their many fans on Instagram

An anniversary tour to celebrate the group’s 40th anniversary? Indochine published a message on Instagram on Tuesday that will please their many fans. “Thank you all for this year 2019, for your support, for these incredible two days at the Pierre Mauroy Stadium, and for being there. See you in 2020 and 2021, we will be there, ”wrote the Nicola Sirkis gang.

The group, therefore, confirms the preparation of an anniversary tour. An event mentioned on RTL’s microphone : “We are thinking about it, it’s true. In the timing calculations, it’s very complicated because there are thirteen albums, that’s a lot of songs, 170 in all, said Nicola Sirkis. In all, you have to be at least four evenings per place to do all the songs in full. “

“We are thinking about that, preparing that for 2020. After there will be a typical anniversary concert on the 40th anniversary of the group if we get there,” they had promised in the columns of the Gala.

The last concerts of the group date from the summer of 2019 with two gigantic concerts that marked the group and their fans.

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