Captain Marvel Returns in New Adventures

A new Captain Marvel film is in preparation

SUPER-HEROINE: A New film with Captain Marvel is in preparation

A new Captain Marvel film is in preparation. This has been confirmed by several trusted publications, including the Hollywood Reporter and Deadline . Brie Larson should logically resume her role as Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel. Nothing is mentioned about Goose, his cat with surprising powers, which had seduced the spectators.

Behind the scenes, the scenario, which would happen nowadays, could well be entrusted to Megan McDonnell, of the pool of authors of the MCU WandaVision series on Disney +. Marvel studios are still looking for their director, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Captain Marvel is the first MCU film devoted to a superheroine, a choice more than acclaimed by the public. In terms of numbers, Captain Marvel brought in $ 1.13 billion at the world box office . There is therefore great pressure to do as well, if not better, with this new component.

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