Weather in Cantal: Plenty of Clouds Again But No Rain

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Plenty of clouds today across the Cantal, but no rain

After a day in the sun, the clouds will be back across Cantal but without a drop of rain.

Hello everyone, it’s Thursday 26th  December 2019, and according to the latest forecast for the weather in Cantal from Meteo France, we are in for a dry day, although there will be plenty of clouds across the sky.

Strong cloud cover

With 2 ° C at the start of the day, temperatures will rise slightly to reach an average of 9 ° C during the day.

On the sky side, the morning will be mostly cloudy, without the shade of a ray of sunshine.

The weather in Cantal, will see no sun today
The weather in Cantal, will see no sun today (© Meteo France)

In the afternoon, a few thunderstorms will dot the Cantal sky, mainly over the east of the department.

The mist will arrive in the early evening, before the return of the sun for the weekend.

Have a Good day everyone!

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