Gusts of Violent Wind: Orange Alert Extended to 12 Departments of the Center-East

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The orange alert for “violent wind” has been extended to nearly 12 departments in central-eastern France.

On the night of Thursday 19th December to Friday 20th December, a stormy episode will hit the Center-East and Burgundy. Twelve departments are placed on orange alert this Thursday.

After having placed the departments of RhôneLoire and Haute-Loire in orange vigilance “strong wind”Meteo France has just extended vigilance to 9 other departments of Center-East and in Burgundy.

Are concerned: Ain, Allier, Ardèche, Cantal, Côte-d’Or, Drôme, Isère, Puy-de-Dôme and Saône-et-Loire. Other departments in the Southwest are placed on orange alert for the same reasons.

Wind gusts up to 100km/h are expected from 10pm this Thursday 19th December. The strong wind phenomenon should end in the early afternoon this Friday, December 20.

A stormy episode of rare intensity

The meteorological organization speaks of a stormy episode of rare intensity. During Thursday, the south wind will blow on the heights of the Massif Central, between 60 and 70 km/h, very locally 80 km/h.

Over the course of the day, this wind will strengthen over the Massif Central and will eventually exceed 80 to 90 km / h to the plains and low valleys. At the end of Thursday evening, these gusts will become very strong, even violent, on the plateaux of eastern Haute-Loire, the south of the Loire department and the south of the Rhône department.

Gusts of 120 km/h in the south Loire

Gusts of up to 100 km/h are expected. On the south of the Loire, especially on the side of the Gier valley, we could have more than 110, even 120 km/h.

This risk of strong gusts will persist all night from Thursday to Friday and most of the morning on Friday, these strong winds could then affect the middle mountains of Isère and Drôme. These two departments have just been placed on orange alert.

Up to 100 km/h in Burgundy 

At around 10:30 am, Meteo France widened the orange alert to 9 other departments in the Center-East and Burgundy.

Concerning Burgundy, wind gusts of the order of 80 to 90 km/h are forecast with peaks up to 100 and even 110 km/h. According to the meteorological organization, this risk of strong gusts will persist in the morning of Friday and will subside in the early afternoon.

Smaller gusts

Note that in the neighbouring departments of the two departments placed in the orange alert, the wind is also strong in the second half of the night from Thursday to Friday and in the morning from Friday; the values ​​are however lower.

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