WhatsApp will No Longer be Available on Windows Phone as of December 31st

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WhatsApp being discontinued on Windows Phone

BYE BYE: Users will now have to buy a smartphone under iOS or Android if they want to continue using the WhatsApp application

From December 31, WhatsApp will no longer work on Windows Phone running Windows 10 Mobile. To maintain access to the messaging application, users will have to opt for a smartphone equipped with an iOS or Android operating system. This is also what Microsoft had officially advised at the beginning of the year.

Until the last day of 2019, WhatsApp is still operational on devices equipped with Windows 10 Mobile and even Windows Phone 8.1, said the site Neowin.

More updates after December 10th

On this latest operating system, the application store will be fully disabled on December 16. As for Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft will no longer provide software updates after December 10. Patches designed to protect against cyberattacks or security breaches will no longer be offered. The “store” will, however, remain available.

The Windows OS is not the only one on which WhatsApp will disappear. As of February 1, 2020, the application will no longer be usable in Android 2.3.7 and iOS 7. A measure that will not surprise connoisseurs since these versions of the two operating systems were released several years ago.

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