Volkswagen Golf 8: What’s new?

Volkswagen launches the 8th generation of the Golf.

In 45 years, the Golf has grown and aged, accompanied by many facelifts and staying connected with new technologies. But does she still dream?

Volkswagen is launching the 8th generation of Golf by presenting itself as digital, connected and intuitive with, under its hood, hybrid versions to complete the range of gasoline and diesel engines.

Its strong point, a digital cockpit with intuitive operation. With the power steering, the top speed of the Golf 8 reaches 210 km/h. This is the first Volkswagen to use swarm intelligence for traffic via Car2X, which means it can prevent anticipatory dangers.

Its weak point, a timeless line that ends up getting old and tired. Stylistic creativity is definitely not the domain of the Volkswagen Group.

The Golf has grown to above the 5 th generation from 3.70 m to 4.20 m to 4.28 m show today.

Always connected and Car2X standard

Interior of the Volkswagen Golf
With Car2X, the Golf’s systems are connected to each other but also to the outside world. (©© Volkswagen)

The systems are connected not only to each other, but also to the world outside the Golf thanks to a communication unit. Signals from the traffic infrastructure and information from vehicles within 800 m are reported to the driver on a screen.

The Golf also shares these warnings with other Car2X models. Swarm intelligence is becoming a reality, marking the beginning of a new era for road safety. It is still necessary to evolve in a world of vehicles of the same technological generation.

Virtually all screens and all controls are digital. New instruments and infotainment systems merge into a display panorama composed of touch buttons and sliders. The head-up display on the windshield will be available as an option.

5 hybrid engines for the new Golf

The new Golf will be the first model of the brand to be available in five versions of hybrid engines. Its release also marks the advent of 48V technology: an alternator-belt starter, a 48V lithium-ion battery and the latest generation of TSI engines make up the new eTSI light hybrid powertrain in three power levels. , 110 hp, 130 hp and 150 hp.

It will also be available in two engines “plug-in hybrid” of 204 hp and 245 hp. These two plug-in hybrid versions will be launched with a 13 kWh lithium-ion battery allowing an electric autonomy of about 60 km.

The engine range is obviously complemented by two four-cylinder petrol of 90 hp and 110 hp, two 4-cylinder diesel of 115 hp and 150 hp and a natural gas of 130 hp.

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