Hyundai Kona Hybrid: The Finishing Touch!

Hyundai launches a Hyundai Kona Hybrid on the market

The arrival of the Kona Hybrid allows Hyundai to present a full range of its urban SUV, adding to the petrol, diesel and 100% electric versions. Base price: € 27,150.

After the release, in 2017, of its Kona presented as an urban SUV driven by heat engines, Hyundai has put on the market, a year later, a 100% electric version. The manufacturer now completes its range with the Kona hybrid. A way of satisfying everyone according to their means and their needs so that the car, this tool of freedom, does not become a tool of constraint.

Next year, in 2020, more than 75% of the Hyundai range will be electrified, including all of its SUVs that appeal to customers for their style, practicality and practicality. They should not be subjected to criticism anymore and the Kona hybrid is a good answer in the sense of history.

Driven by a 105-hp, 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine, combined with a 6-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission, powered by a 43-hp electric motor, the Kona hybrid has the ability to move most of the time to zero. emission in urban route and to lighten its consumption on the road.

With a maximum power of 141 hp and a torque of 265 Nm, its performance appears quite reassuring. And of course, no worries about the charging station, charging time and the high price of the electric version.

Customization specific to the hybrid

In addition to its dynamic styling and hybrid powertrain, this vehicle has its own interior atmosphere and incorporates a whole series of technological developments. It now has Bluelink connected services to enable the driver to transmit routes, from his smartphone to the navigation system and to geotag the vehicle, for example, active safety systems and driver assistance such as adaptive cruise control. intelligent with stop and restart function, and advanced infotainment.  

Hyundai Kona built-in display features hybrid-specific graphics.
Hyundai Kona built-in display features hybrid-specific graphics. (© Hyundai)

The built-in meter display shows hybrid-specific graphics. Induction charging support is also available for compatible phones. Finally, the Kona hybrid can be equipped with a head-up display.

An eco-driving assistant

On the road, the Kona Hybrid behaves like the 3-cylinder petrol version, both with a front-wheel drive, although it is heavier by almost 100 kg, in return, it is more powerful. The battery is placed in the rear floor, the balance of the car is not changed.

However, its larger torque provides better driving flexibility, better masking the last three reports of the box, far too long. In any case, a hybrid implies another philosophy of driver behaviour.

Moreover, the Kona hybrid is equipped with an eco-driving assistant to optimize fuel consumption in Eco mode, in correlation with the route recorded on the GPS. Thus, when a rise is announced and the state of the charge of the battery is low, the vehicle slightly increases the load on the engine to pre-charge the battery before the rise. The electric motor can thus come into action in the climb and relieve the gasoline engine and its consumption. The electrical energy is then recovered in the descent via the regenerative braking system.

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