Cortana: Microsoft’s Assistant Bows Out on Mobile

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Cortana bows out on mobile

CONNECTED ASSISTANT: Android and iOS applications of Cortana will be removed from Stores in January 2020

Amongst the tidal wave of virtual assistants, Cortana will have had a hard time getting a place. The Microsoft virtual assistant has managed to capture pretty market share through its integration with Windows 10, but on mobile, the application has not met with great success. Some speaker builders also ventured to offer models with the Microsoft Assistant, before returning to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft has announced the withdrawal of its application from the Play Store and the App Store. As of January 31st, 2020, it will no longer be possible to download Cortana on mobile.

The long agony of Cortana

We, therefore, come to wonder what future the assistant might have on PC. Despite the huge fleet of machines at his disposal, Cortana will have trouble growing on a platform that virtual assistants do not really like. The removal of the mobile app suggests that the days of Cortana are numbered. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will persist in handing over its assistant or will seal a deal with one of its competitors, to integrate another voice assistance solution to its Windows software.

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