Brexit: Boris Johnson Apologises for not having Taken the UK out of the EU yet

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Boris Johnson has been Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since July.

BROKEN PROMISE: Boris Johnson swore he’d rather be “dead at the bottom of a ditch” rather than ask for a new extension to Brexit … missed

Boris Johnson apologized Sunday for not having realized the Brexit on October 31st as he had promised. Having come to power in July by promising the Brexit “whatever the cost” on October 31, Boris Johnson had vowed that he would prefer to be “dead at the bottom of a ditch” rather than ask for a further postponement. But he had to eat his hat and ask for a deadline until January 31st, his Brexit divorce agreement negotiated with Brussels has not passed the test of Parliament.

The head of government expressed Sunday his “deep regrets”. The conservative leader has also criticized US President Donald Trump, his friend and ally, who had ruled Thursday on the British radio LBC, that the agreement negotiated with the European Union does not allow to conclude “Agree with the United Kingdom “. “I do not wish to denigrate the president, but in this respect, he makes a manifest error. Anyone who looks at our Brexit deal can see that it’s an excellent deal, “said Boris Johnson.

A new referendum? A “crazy” proposal from Labour

“The reason it’s so painful to have this postponement is not because of promises or my ego or whatever, but because of the uncertainty, it means for the whole country. Companies can not make forecasts, families can not make forecasts, people do not know when Brexit is going to take place, “lamented Boris Johnson.

Explaining fears of further delay if Labour, the main opposition party, came to power in the aftermath of the December 12 elections, he ruled “crazy” the party’s proposal to renegotiate an exit agreement and put it to the vote. British. Boris Johnson also said he saw “no reason” to extend the post-Brexit transition period beyond the December 2020 deadline, saying trade negotiations “should be extremely simple”.

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