Weather in Cantal: Clouds and Showers Return this Thursday

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The weather in Cantal will see a return of the clouds and rain

The weather in Cantal will deteriorate again this Thursday 17th October 2019, with significant cloud cover and some showers.

Hello everyone, it’s Thursday 17th October 17th 2019 and the forecast for the weather in cantal is not looking so good today

Clouds and showers in the program

The weather will be very cloudy at the beginning of the day, with maximum temperatures of 10 ° C in the morning.

The first showers will arrive around 11 am, and will quickly cover the entire department.

The showers will continue until the end of the afternoon, with the temperatures struggling to reach an average of only 14 ° C.

The weather in Cantal will be wet today
The weather in Cantal will be wet today (Photo: Meteo France)

The rain should stop at the beginning of the evening, with some clearings on the south-west of the department.

The weather will be rather mixed tomorrow, with rain in the morning.

Have a Good day everyone!

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