Suicide of a School Director: “Anyone Can Crack”, the Homage of 200 People in Caen

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Nearly 200 people participated in the tribute to Caen (Calvados), Thursday, October 3, 2019, to Christine Renon, a school director from Seine-Saint-Denis who ended his life in September

Nearly 200 people participated in Caen (Calvados), Thursday 3rd October 2019, the tribute to Christine Renon, director of a school in Pantin that ended her life.

As elsewhere in France, the funeral of Christine Renon, Thursday, October 3, 2019, had an echo in Caen (Calvados). Christine Renon, director of a kindergarten in Pantin in Seine-Saint-Denis, who killed herself in her school, Saturday 21st September 2019. In front of the rectorate, a feeling of solidarity and anger dominated the gathering attended by nearly 200 people.

More tasks

Before a minute’s silence was observed, Christine Renon’s farewell letter, in which her working conditions were discussed at length, was read to the audience. In the crowd, several school directors listened to his farewells with great attention, such as François Touyou, from the school group of Queen Mathilde in Caen. “I find myself in his words, she says. The administrative overload is such that the pressure is sometimes at the limit of the bearable. The years pass, and the tasks are more numerous. More complex too.

When questioning about the situations that can explain this feeling, there are plenty of examples to mention. She particularly points out the evolution of the charges related to security. “For 5 years, the administration has become more demanding in terms of security. It is better to prepare for fires, the safety of students in case of intrusion. It’s a very good thing, but it takes a lot of preparation time, and we do not have more money to put it all in place. And do not neglect the rest! With others, she also regrets that it is more difficult today to ask for and get a replacement when a colleague goes on sick leave.

“We are less and less focused on our core business”

In the gathering Caen, they are also several to note that the directors of the school, are very often alone when in the colleges, they are four or five to ensure the administrative tasks. “Christine Renon says she feels lonely several times in her letter. She is unfortunately not the only one! ”

While most of the participants in this tribute are left, Anne-Sophie, coming from Nîmes and passing through Caen, still discusses the “degradation of the public service as a whole, linked to a lack of screaming means”. For this teacher-researcher, “anyone can crack”. At his side, Audrey, professor of schools in the agglomeration of Caen agrees. “We are less and less focused on our core business,” she says. We are struggling with a disability. The administrative tasks are increasingly heavy, with the hours that go with and that are not paid. Recognition is not at the rendezvous. ”

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