Singer Sia Unveils Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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Singer Sia Unveils Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

DISEASE: The singer, Sia, unveils that she has a rare genetic disease; Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that causes much chronic pain

A courageous revelation. The discreet singer Sia unveiled on Twitter suffering from a rare genetic disease: Ehlers Danlos syndromeAffecting connective tissue, the disease causes much chronic pain.

The “chewing gum disease”

“I just wanted to say to all those who suffer, physically or psychologically, that I love you,” the singer wrote on the social network. Continue moving forward. Life is hard, fucking. The pain is demoralizing, but you are not alone. As the Huffington Post explains , the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a group of genetic diseases that have the common point of causing abnormalities of the extracellular matrix, the “connective tissue” that keeps the cells together. One in 5,000 people in the world is affected by this disease sometimes called “chewing gum disease” which causes joint hyperlaxity, the fragility of tissues and hyperelasticity of the skin.

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