Marseille: A Three Metre Boa Swallows a Kitten on a Balcony

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In Marseille, a three metre boa swallows a kitten on a balcony

LAW OF THE JUNGLE: The fire marshals of Marseilles intervened Saturday, a boa of three meters had swallowed a kitten on the balcony of a residence

The inhabitants were afraid of their lives. The marins- firefighters from Marseilles were called early Saturday afternoon path anemones, in the 12th arrondissement of Marseille for the presence of a boa, explains France Bleu Provence.

The firefighters quickly dispatched a vehicle specialized in the capture of this kind of animals. At the time of their intervention, the snake had swallowed a small kitten that was on the balcony, confirm the firefighters. They finally managed to capture the snake that they then brought to the SPA.

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