E-Coli and Listeria: Recall of Cow’s Milk Cheese at Intermarché, Super U, Géant-Casino …

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E-Coli and listeria: Recall of cow's milk cheeses at Intermarché, Super U, Géant-Casino ...

This Friday 4th October 2019, the company Moulis recalls several raw cow’s milk cheese, sold in most of the supermarkets in France.

If you bought these products, do not consume them and bring them back where you bought them. This Friday 4th October 2019, the cheese dairy company Le Moulis, located in the Ariège, proceeds to a vast recall of raw cow’s milk cheeses, underlines the site specializes in the recalls Ouhla!, Because of the presence of the bacteria Escherichia Coli and listeria monocytogenes.

These are the brands: Moulis cow, Luzenac cow, Moulis cow prestige and Bethmale marterat, concerned with listeria, and Tomme artisanal cow Pyrenees, concerned with E-coli.

These products are sold in most supermarkets (including Super U , Intermarché , Géant-Casino …).

Fever, diarrhoea…

The bacterium E. coli, naturally present among the digestive microflora of the man, can cause various disorders going from mild diarrhoea to more serious forms like haemorrhagic diarrhoea or severe renal damages like the Hemolytic and uremic syndrome (HUS ), mainly in young children, pregnant women, immunocompromised people and the elderly. 

Listeria causes fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches.

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