Do You Have an Old iPhone or iPad? Here’s Why You Need to Update It

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IPhone 5 and iPad older than 7 years must be updated.

If the update is not done before November 3rd, 2019, some models of iPhone and iPad will not work properly. Here is the procedure to follow.

After informing about starting failures on the iPhone 6s and 6s plus , Apple is now calling some customers to update their phone. On its website, the Apple brand explains that some models of iPhone and iPad older than seven years require “an update of iOS for the GPS location remains accurate.”

An imperative update to continue using these devices.

Why such an update?

This update to iOS 10.3.4 or 9.3.6 must be done by November 3, 2019, midnight. It results from a “GPS synchronization problem”, a consequence of GPS Week Number Roll Over, a resetting of the GPS calendar numbering that takes place only every 19 years and that occurred on April 6th.

This reset can cause bugs in GPS navigation systems. But not only. Failing to update, it will be impossible to access the cloud, messaging or even internet.

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Which Apple models are concerned?

Are concerned “some models of iPhone and iPad marketed in 2012 and earlier,” like the iPhone 5, released that year.

But as the iPhone 4S and iPad 4th generation, iPad mini first generation iPad 2 and iPad 3rd generation. Tablets equipped with cellular functions (including a SIM card slot) are only affected.

The Apple devices mentioned “are not affected before November 3, 2019, at midnight UTC (1am in France, ed),” says the US firm.

IPod touch or Ipad models with wifi only are not up-to-date, nor are iOS devices newer than those previously listed.

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How to update

The software update is done before November 3 using a wireless connection or its computer. Just do the following manipulation:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Then “General”
  • And ‘Software Update’

For the iPhone 5, if the update is not done in time, it will ” back up and restore it using a Mac or a PC to proceed with the update .”

For other devices, if the deadline is exceeded, some models “may not be able to provide accurate GPS position”.

Apple recommends to regularly update the operating system of its iPhone or iPad.

Practical information: 
More information on the Apple Support website.

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