Cantal: Withdrawal of the Licence of a Motorist for Excessive Speeding in Ytrac

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Cantal. Withdrawal of the permit for a motorist in excessive speeding in Ytrac

Sunday 27th October 2019, a 21 year old driver was controlled at 141 km/h instead of 80 km/h on the RD 920 at Ytrac (Cantal)

Sunday 27th October 2019, around 11:50, on the RD 920 in the municipality of Ytrac, a 21-year-old driver, originally from Cantal, was caught speeding at 141 km/h instead of 80 km/h. In addition, he drove under the influence of narcotics: in this case cannabis and amphetamines. His license has been withdrawn.

With a probationary license

Friday 25th October 2019, around 3:15 pm, a driver of 22 years, from Clermont-Ferrand, and with a probationary license, was caught speeding at 138 km/h instead of 80 km/h at La Chapelle-d’Alagnon. His license has been withdrawn.

The same day, around 15:45, on the side of Jaleyrac, a driver aged 34 and from the Hauts-de-Seine, was caught speeding at 127 km/h instead of 80 km/h. His license was also removed.

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