Caen International Fair: Could the Entry be Free in 2020?

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The Caen Fair has never been offered free access to the entire event.

While the 2019 edition of the Caen Fair is already over, the organizers are preparing these days a first assessment, to already prepare the meeting of 2020.

The International Fair of Caen (Calvados) closed its doors Sunday, September 29, 2019, after ten days of activity. The time of the first balance sheet falls. Behind the scenes, calculations are underway to know the affluence enjoyed by the event and the 421 exhibitors present. As every year at this time, organizers and traders are already thinking about possible ways to improve attendance at the next edition.

“Free is not desired by exhibitors”

Among them, free access to the Fair returns regularly in trade. “We approach it very regularly in steering committees, confirms Paul Séchaud, General Manager of Caen Events, which organizes each year the major economic meeting of the season. And so far the answer is always the same: the free is not desired by the exhibitors. Many think that a paid entry reflects a purchase project in individuals who enter the enclosure.

The 114,000 unique visitors registered for the 2018 edition did not all pay their place, as for this year 2019. “Between the invitations offered, the various operations and the reduced rates, the average price of entry to the fair stands at € 3, “says Paul Séchaud, much less than the € 7 posted full price at the entrance.

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