Attack at the Paris Police Headquarters: “This is the First Time I See a Dead Person”

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Several witnesses of the knife attack that took place Thursday, October 3, 2019 at the police headquarters in Paris tell their story.

A knife attack killed four people, Thursday 3rd October 2019 at the Paris police headquarters. Agents testify to the trauma they experienced inside.

They are administrative agents at the  Paris police headquarters and witnessed the attack on Thursday 3rd October 2019. Four agents, including three police officers,  were killed with knives by an officer working at the police station. Prefecture. Three witnesses tell Paris the “trauma” and “shock” they suffered.

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“Shouting” in the prefecture

The attack took place around 1 pm in the office where the administrative officer was working, who attacked his colleagues with a knife. Youssouf “heard screams” from his office. Administrative agent, he works “near” the office where the tragedy occurred, in the remuneration department. In a confined time, he was evacuated by police officers securing the premises.

The agent, questioned at the exit of the perimeter of security established on the isle de Cite, says himself “under the shock”:

“It was the first I saw a dead person.”

He was not the only one to leave the island of the city in the middle of the afternoon, Thursday, while the police proceeded to the findings and the collection of the testimonies, for the investigation entrusted to the criminal brigade and the ‘IGPN.

“It’s a trauma”

“It’s our colleagues, in our own house, who are dead, it’s a trauma,” said another officer at the exit of the island. Roger Obargui, administrative officer “far enough” from the facts, “saw people running” in the compound of the police headquarters where the attack took place. “People were panicked,” he says.

He did not personally know the assailant, a “no problem” administrative agent who had been working “for 20 years” in the police headquarters. But he had “already seen it in the yard”. For the man, this attack is “a trauma”:

“Work must be a safe place, not a place where you find death. 

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