Alsace: The Gendarmes Rapid Intervention Car Hits a Wild Boar During a Chase

Local News
Rapid intervention vehicle of the gendarmerie. hit a boar in Alsace

A wild boar cut the road of the Gendarmerie rapid intervention vehicle during a chase with a driver who was driving at 166 km/h on a departmental road. The car is partly destroyed

The balance sheet could have been much heavier, but the good reflexes of the policeman made it possible to limit the breakage. Wednesday around 9.30 pm, reports the Latest News of Alsace, the rapid response vehicle of gendarmes had just chased a driver on the RD 415 at Wolfgantzen, East of Colmar in the Haut-Rhin. The infringing vehicle was travelling at 166 km/h instead of the authorized 80.

Launched in pursuit, the high-speed pursuit car of the gendarmes hit a boar that came out of nowhere. The airbags went off. Fortunately, the driver at the wheel did not fight the car but the car is still flipped onto the roof before finishing his race 150 meters further in the scenery, specify our colleagues. It is badly damaged. The two gendarmes are shocked but unharmed. As for the driver, we did not see him again …

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