PS5: The Next Sony Console will be 16 times Less Energy Consuming than the PS4 in Standby Mode

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The new console from Sony, the PS5, will be more energy efficient

CONSOLES: Sony attempts to join the program “Playing for the Planet” set up by the United Nations to fight against climate change, making the PS5 more energy efficient

The next Sony console will be less energy-consuming than the PS4 when it is in sleep mode. This is the promise made by Sony President and CEO Jim Ryan. Through a long post published on the PlayStation blog, the president said he joined the “Playing for the Planet” program set up by the United Nations to fight against climate change.

Whether Xbox or PlayStation, home consoles have both been heavily criticized for their high power consumption in old fashion. While Sony has made several improvements to the energy profile of the PS4 over the years, its power consumption in sleep mode is still important. Especially since the console can stay long in this state of sleep, both extinguished and awake.

Towards a much more energy efficient standby mode

For the next generation of consoles, Jim Ryan assures that the PS5 will consume only 0.5 W when it is on standby. A significant improvement since currently, the PS4 consumes up to 8.5 W in standby mode. This improvement could have a real impact if the PS5 is as successful as the PS4 and its 100 million copies sold.

“If only one million users activate this feature [standby mode], this would be equivalent to the average power consumption of 1,000 US homes,” says Sony’s president on his blog. Other measures will be put in place by Sony to try to reduce the impact of the production of consoles and video games, ensures Jim Ryan.


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