Oise: A 12 Year Old Child has his Arm Pulled in a Buggy Accident

Local News
Three occupants had taken place in the buggy. All three were wounded, one seriously

A 12-year-old was seriously injured in a buggy accident on Saturday (September 28th) in Vineuil-Saint-Firmin (Oise). They were helicoptered to the hospital of Amiens.

child of 12 years was seriously injured in an accident of buggy Saturday 28th September in the early afternoon in Vineuil-Saint-Firmin town near  Chantilly ( Oise ), reports Le Courrier Picard.

The accident occurred around 13:45 on a field near the Apremont road, which runs alongside the Mercure Chantilly Hotel.

Absolute urgency

For some reason, the operator of the machine lost control. Several barrels followed, indicate the firefighters of the Oise.

The three occupying occupants were injured. The youngest, 12 years old, had his arm torn off the shoulder. They were helicoptered in a state of absolute urgency to the hospital centre of Amiens.

The other two occupants were slightly affected. They were transported to the Creil hospital.

Firefighters, gendarmes, Samu and mayor of the town went on site.

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