Death of Jacques Chirac: “As Mayor, he Gave a Certain Brilliance in Paris”

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Jacques Chirac died Thursday, September 26, 2019 at his home in Paris, rue de Tournon. Parisians talk about what they will learn from the former mayor of Paris

Former president of the Republic, Jacques Chirac was mayor of Paris between 1977 and 1995. Died Thursday 26th September 2019, he leaves the memory of “a man with great presence”.

Before being  President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac was mayor of  Paris between 1977 and 1995. His death, Thursday 26th September 2019 raises mixed reactions among Parisians.

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“Jacques Chirac, he was a great man”

On the front of the Hôtel de Ville where he sat for 18 years, the death of Jacques Chirac sometimes arouses emotion. For Maryse, a resident of the XII th district for 40 years, “he was a great man”

“He brought a certain brilliance to Paris, through his presence, his speech and his good life.”

For the former mayor of the capital, Maryse “hopes a beautiful tribute” to which she would go. The septuagenarian quotes “the moto-poop, a great idea,” as the main achievement of Jacques Chirac as mayor. She also recalls that in 1977, he was “the first elected mayor of Paris”, a novelty wanted by Valéry Giscard-d’Estaing.

“It was the first one to focus on cleanliness,” says Marion, 27, who has not had her mayor years. ”

“I just say goodbye to him”

Which is not the case of Thierry, who remembers “very well of his expenses of mouths”. In this case, Jacques Chirac had received a dismissal in 2005. Malpractices were suspected as to the expenses of reception of the former tenant in the mayor of Paris, which reached 600 euros per day between 1987 and 1995.

Hence the indifference of Thierry, who paraphrases a famous quote by Jacques Chirac: “It touches me one without waking the other, I just say goodbye. A goodbye shared by Myriam, who “does not try to think of anything other than his conviction, the first for a president”. He was sentenced in 2011 to two years in prison suspended for fictitious jobs in the mayor of Paris, which was actually serving RPR, his party.

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