Brexit: Boris Johnson Loses Absolute Majority in Parliament after Defection of MP

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Boris Johnson loses absolute majority in Parliament over Brexit

UNITED KINGDOM: Conservative MP Phillip Lee joins the Pro Europe Liberal Democrats Party, leaving Boris Johnson without a Majority in the British Parliament

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost on Tuesday his absolute majority in Parliament, which was only one vote, after the defection of Conservative MP Phillip Lee, who joined the pro-Europe Liberal Democrats Party.

“The Conservative government is aggressively pursuing a damaging Brexit. It endangers lives … and unjustifiably threatens the integrity of the United Kingdom, “Phillip Lee said in a statement.

Parliament in turmoil

A decision was taken on Tuesday while Boris Johnson was making a statement in front of a boiling Parliament. Opposition MPs and some elected members of his own conservative camp want to prevent a Brexit without agreement by getting a new postponement if necessary by January 31, 2020.

Boris Johnson warned on Monday that he would not accept “under any circumstances” to ask Brussels for a new Brexit report and is threatening to call early elections for 14 October.

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