Toulouse: How to Become Unbeatable at Fortnite, E-Sports Club will Soon Offer Courses

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Young gamers will also get a physical activity session every week

The phenomenon “Fortnite” seizes Toulouse! In September 2019, an e-sports club will open in the Pink City, showcasing the world-famous video game. Details.

You may have heard about the recent Fortnite World Championship and the modest $ 3 million won by its 16-year-old winner … As of September 2019, an e-sports club will open its doors in Toulouse. A first, which is already dreaming of many lovers of the console!

Fortnite honoured

Eager to be in tune with the times, Toulouse University Club (TUC) has teamed up with the Toulouse Esport Concept (TEC) to offer young people, aged 12 to 17, to take video games classes. Co-manager of the TEC, Sébastien Chazalon explains:

“Many young people asked to be trained, trained, to progress and to compete. No one in the region responded to this request. So we set up the TUC Esport association.”

For now, the decision has been taken to test the experience with the video game, Fortnite, a real social phenomenon around the world. Eventually, they hope to develop this offer to other games.

50% sport, 50% e-sport

Be careful, children will not spend their time in front of a screen! By cooperating with the TUC, Sébastien Chazalon and Renaud Viry, his partner, created a surprising concept:

“Once a week, they will have a one-and-a-half hour physical activity session organized by the TUC. The goal is to desecrate the image of the geek by transmitting values ​​that do not appear in the game, but found in the sport. “

Football, handball, basketball … The 24 little “gamers” will be free to choose their sport, which will be supervised by an educator. A good recipe to create a good spirit in the group, which may one day form a competition team.

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