Toulouse: A Young English Rugby Player Dies at the Hotel after Playing his First Pro Game

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Archie Bruce, 20, died in Toulouse, Sunday, August 18, 2019, after playing a game of rugby league, the day before with his team of Batley Bulldogs

A young English rugby player, Archie Bruce, aged 20, died in his hotel room in Toulouse on Sunday 18th August 2019, after having played the day before a rugby league match.

He belonged to the rugby league team of the Batley Bulldogs. Saturday 17th August 2019, he played, as substitute, his first match with his new club, against Toulouse (defeat 46-0), as part of the Championship, in the second professional division.

Discovered in the morning without life

This morning, the dead body of Archie Bruce, 20, was discovered in his hotel room in Toulouse, by the club, as reported by our colleagues at the BBC.

For the purposes of the investigation, the entire British team was forced to stay in the Pink City. This did not prevent the club to address a vibrant tribute via Twitter to his missing nugget.

“We are devastated to announce the death of our young player Archie Bruce (20 years old). His family was immediately informed of this terrible news”

A family assistance fund

family assistance fund was immediately created by members of the Batley Club, the English Rugby Federation and the Volunteer Association.

The police investigation will try to determine under what circumstances the young rugby player died.

Toulouse Olympique reacts

The Toulouse Olympique club, against which Archie Bruce played Saturday, assured his English counterparts of his deep sadness.

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