Maserati Levante GTS and Trofeo: V8 Versions Arrive in France

Maserati has chosen to equip its Levante, GTS version and Trofeo, very sharp engines.

Maserati announces the launch of the Levante V8 range on the French market this fall with two powerful versions of its SUV, GTS and Trofeo. Starting from 138 000 €.

The Trident brand is getting its Levante SUV out of very sharp engines to make it its most powerful series model. Both versions GTS and Trofeo are equipped with a V8 Bi-Turbo 3.8 litre engine respectively of 530 hp and 580 hp. This engine designed by Ferrari offers exceptional performance as the 0 to 100 km / h in 4”1 and a top speed nearing 300 km / h for the Trofeo.

Inside and out, luxury and sport coexist, including a new aluminium hood with two air intakes, 21-inch forged aluminium wheels and a carbon fibre front baffle. specific grille blades, side skirts and rear apron.

Side GTS, this (basic) version of Maserati is distinguished by a front bumper and an exclusive rear bumper.

A limited edition of 50 copies

Inside the Maserati Trofeo, luxury and sport coexist.
Inside the Maserati Trofeo, luxury and sport coexist. (© Maserati)

The GTS version will be available from 138 000 € and the Trofeo from 158 000 €, not to mention the penalty close to 10 000 € for this kind of SUV explosive in its performance that necessarily requires an excessive appetite.

But 50 lucky (very rich) will also be able to acquire the limited edition Trofeo Launch Edition available in three exclusive exterior colours, sports seats in black “Pieno Fiore” natural leather with contrasting red, blue or yellow stitching, and new interior fibre finishes. matte carbon smoothed. It will cost them 178 000 € to be part of the limited circle of holders of this numbered version. The penalty becomes a negligible amount!

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