Eastern Pyrénées. The Alleged Perpetrator of a Dozen Fires this Summer Arrested and Imprisoned

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The alleged arsonist would have lit a dozen fires in the Pyrenees Orientales since the beginning of July 2019.

The gendarmes of the Eastern Pyrénées have just convicted the alleged perpetrator of a dozen fires that ravaged the department since July 2019. He was imprisoned.

The rider of a white scooterIt was after this man that the gendarmes of the Pyrénées-Orientales ran desperately since the intelligence had reached their ears.

Caught in flagrante delicto

It is indeed around several fires of criminal origin that this individual had been seen by witnesses. The ambient heat and the drought were not enough to explain the ominous increase in claims in the department since the beginning of July 2019.

And, by dint of discreet but sustained surveillance, the gendarmes had the chance to challenge the man on the scooter, Wednesday, August 14, 2019, in flagrante delicto. Placed in custody, he was heard on a dozen fires that ravaged, in total, almost thirty hectares of vegetation.


The search of his home would have found material elements such as flammable products. Suspected of a dozen fires, this man, whose age is unknown, was remanded in custody in Perpignan prison awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

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