Weather in Charente: 30 Degrees Today, Waiting for 38 Degrees Tomorrow

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The weather in Charente will be 30 degrees today

WEATHER: The weather in Charente is going to be hot today, reaching 30 degrees, although it will go hotter tomorrow

It is good this morning across the Charente with 20 degrees reported at 8am in the countryside, and 21 degrees in Angouleme. The sky is overcast and there is a little air.

Meteo France has placed the Charente in orange alert for heat wave specifying that the ” episode of high heat early requiring special vigilance because of its intensity “.

Thus the meteorological centre predicts that the weather in Charente today, Tuesday 25th June will reach a maximum of 31 to 33 degrees generally in Charente and the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

Indeed, the sky will be released little by little, this afternoon the sun will shine and the temperatures will climb up to 30 ° C in Angouleme and Cognac.

A southerly wind will blow weakly.

Tomorrow Wednesday 26th June, we should see the temperatures rise to 38 degrees.

Temperatures will reach 30 degrees across the Charente department
Temperatures will reach 30 degrees across the Charente department (Photo: Meteo France)

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