Violent Winds, Thunderstorms and Rain: The Weather will be Very Disturbed in Normandy at the End of the Day

Local News
Thunderstorms threaten Normandy and will be very strong locally.

The Manche is still maintained in yellow alert for storms on Tuesday 18th June, and the bad weather announced will spread throughout Normandy for the end of the day.

Already not very pleasant, the weather will only worsen the department of the Channel this Tuesday, June 18, with heavy showers and thunderstorms over the entire department, according to Meteo France .

The whole will be accompanied by places of hail and gusts of wind.

Locally violent thunderstorms

The rain-stormy degradation that began in Brittany will sweep the Channel in the afternoon, before spreading throughout the Normandy region in the early evening.

The Orne and Calvados are placed in orange alert.

Thunderstorms threaten to be locally violent , especially between Vire, Saint-Lô and Caen, and also in the Orne.

While everywhere in France, temperatures flirt with 30 °, they will not exceed 20 ° in the Manche, with even a minimum of 18 ° Cherbourg …

This bad weather will disturb again this night and tomorrow … before the summer really makes its appearance Thursday 20th June.

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