Notre-Dame de Paris: The First Mass after the Fire will be Celebrated in “Small Group” This Weekend

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A mass will be celebrated at Notre-Dame de Paris, the first after the fire of April 15th.

The first mass after the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris will be celebrated this weekend of 15th and 16th June. This date corresponds to that of the dedication of the cathedral.

mass will be celebrated this weekend of June 15th and 16th, at Notre-Dame de Paris, nearly two months after the fire that ravaged the cathedral .

This will be the first inside the historic monument.

The event was entrusted exclusively to our confreres of the weekly Christian Family, by the rector of the cathedral.

In a small committee

Bishop Patrick Chauvet, however, said that the celebration of the Eucharist will be “in very small committee. ”

This date is more than symbolic since it corresponds to the dedication of the cathedral, that is to say, the consecration of the altar.

“It is very important to be able to signify to the world that the role of the cathedral is to show the glory of God. Celebrating the Eucharist that day […] will be the sign of this glory and grace, “he told our confreres.”

Vespers on the forecourt for all the faithful

Just before the mass, the vespers office could be organized on the forecourt and in public, therefore at the end of the day, provided that the Paris police prefecture gives its approval.

That of General Jean-Louis Georgelin will also be indispensable. The former Chief of Staff to the armed forces has been assigned by the Elysée to pilot the reconstruction site.

These authorizations are mainly suspended from the soil remediation of the lead which has fallen back to dust during the firefighters’ intervention.

A Marian sanctuary will be installed on the square

The clergyman also announced that a Marian shrine, that is to say, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, will soon be installed.

Anyone can come to pray, find a priest to speak or confess and a copy of the Virgin pillar at the bottom of which intentions may be filed.

The Virgin at the Pillar is Mary’s most famous representation of the historic building.

Pilgrims can also find souvenirs.

“The cathedral is open and alive”

This sanctuary would replace the original project of an ephemeral cathedral. It could emerge quite quickly, as soon as the authorities have agreed.

For Bishop Chauvet, all this has only one purpose: to show that “the cathedral is still alive and open. “

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