Jaguar E-Pace: A Beautiful Body, in a Low Cost Way

Jaguar offers his E-Pace soft lines, as on the F-Pace.

After the F-Pace, Jaguar released a more compact SUV, the E-Pace, successful curves but with a cabin devoid of the usual luxury of the English brand. Its tariff starts at 35 900 €.

Jaguar has always had a particular style and his cars have often been admired. His arrival in the SUV world with the F-Pace has shown that designers have managed to maintain brand identity across the Channel, with soft lines that are found today in a model on the E-Pace.

Less than 33 cm, its 4.40 m make it more urban, more versatile and therefore more attractive. Undeniably, the E-Pace is well-designed. However, when the doors open, it disappoints. Certainly, the refined volumes of the dashboard agree well with the smooth curves of the bodywork but the quality of the skins and that of the assemblies, as well as certain associations of materials, are of the level of a general mark, not of the level ” premium “for which Jaguar has often been a model.

A fully equipped interior

Interior of the Jaguar E-Pace
The central 10-inch touch screen, placed a little low on the console of the Jaguar E-Pace, is used as a tablet … (© Jaguar)

It is true that since 2008, Jaguar has taken the Indian accent of Tata-Motors to which it belongs. Direct tribute to the silhouette of the E-Pace, the glass surface is quite small and the visibility is limited to three-quarters rear. However, the habitability, including the rear seats, is satisfactory and there are many storage spaces. The good parallelepiped chest of 577 litres is generous and easily scalable.

In terms of equipment, the E-Pace holds its rank from the basic version. However, we must aim for the high end to benefit from a digital instrument cluster with head-up display and wraparound seats dressed in a chic Windsor leather. The central touch screen of 10 inches, placed a little low on the console, is used like a tablet: with the fingers, one can “pinch” or zoom the image …

A sportiness penalised by its overweight

The E-Pace offers 6 engines, consisting only of a 4 cylinder 2-litre turbo. It consists of 3 petrol engines of 200, 250 and 300 hp and three Diesel engines of 150, 180 and 240 hp, all served by a 9-speed ZF automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive, except for the basic Diesel, in a box 6 rear gears and 2 wheel drive.

At the test, the E-Pace essence of 250 hp is a beautiful tone while the steering is accurate and direct. Nevertheless, it shows certain laziness to engage with serenity in the mountain curves. Involved, it’s 1,832 kg which induces roll in a corner. Fortunately, the all-wheel-drive compensates for this effect and its action greatly secures the behaviour on slippery surfaces.

A well-managed 9-speed auto box

In addition, the 9 gear ratios of the gearbox manage with finesse the power of the engine, including when taking over with the palettes solitaires (alas) of the steering wheel. Several well-differentiated modes, from Eco to Dynamique, allow you to adjust your driving to the conditions or aspirations of the moment. Generally comfortable, the damping is a little firm on the inequalities of the ground approached at a moderate pace.

Through a pleasantly quiet general operation and a tangible ease of driving, the Jaguar compact SUV remains a mount to the nobility claimed “premium” … provided to opt for a high-end finish but the bill can then fly to more than 60 000 €.

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