Highways: Firefighters, Police and EMS will no Longer Pay Tolls from July

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The firefighters and the SAMU will no longer pay the highway from July

EMERGENCIES: The financial shortfall for highway management companies will not be compensated by the State for the payment of tolls

No more cash at the checkout for firefighters and ambulances. From July 2019, vehicles of the emergency services will no longer have to pay tolls on highways, said Wednesday Pierre Coppey, president of Vinci Autoroutes .

The measure, announced during a hearing before the Senate Committee on Sustainable Development, as amended by the 2018 Finance Act, passed and adopted in the fall of 2017. It should be introduced on the 1st or July 14, says Le Figaro.

“A measure of common sense and general interest”

Free access for emergency vehicles (police, gendarmerie, fire brigade and UAS) had not yet been implemented because the law’s implementing decree had not yet been released. Last April, Transport Minister  Élisabeth Borne spoke of a “measure of common sense and public interest”.

Until now, firefighters could only benefit from free parking when their intervention took place on a portion of the highway. The shortfall generated for motorway companies by this measure will not be the subject of any financial compensation from the State.

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