Heat Wave: The Absolute Record of Heat Reaches 45.9 ° C in Gard

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Heat wave: the absolute record of heat reaches 45.9 ° C in Gard

This Friday 28th June 2019, the absolute record of heat in metropolitan France reached 45.9 ° C in the Gard, beating that of 2003 (44.1 ° C).

It had never been so hot in metropolitan France. This Friday 28th June, 2019, at midday, the temperatures reached 45.9 ° C in Gallargues-le-Montrieux, in the Gard , never seen! An absolute record of temperature recorded at 4.18pm, indicates Meteo France.

A  little earlier, the mercury had already risen to  45.1 ° C in Villevieille , near Sommières, still in the Gard and previously,  the absolute record had already been beaten with 44.3 ° C in Carpentras (Vaucluse) , thus beating the absolute record of heat dating from August 12, 2003 (at this time, the hottest temperature was 44.1 ° C in Conqueyrac, Gard).
Since the beginning of the surveys, no such value had ever been recorded.

” It’s not over “

At Carpentras, the temperature was already well above 40 degrees by the middle of the day and once the market stalls were dismantled, only a few people remained on the streets. On Maurice Charretier Square, the terraces were deserted. “We never saw that! Exclaims a restorer, contemplating the empty chairs.

A few meters away, many curious stops under the light panel of the pharmacy that displays the temperature. At 42 ° C, a police officer remains sceptical: “It’s not over, it’ll go up again.” A few dozen minutes later, he was right.

Four departments on red alert for Heat Wave

The episode of heat wave that affects almost all of France in late June is exceptional because of its intensity and precocity. 75 departments (instead of 76) are now placed in a yellow alert, and four are on red alert (Gard, Hérault, Vaucluse and Bouches-du-Rhône), a first.

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